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Mary Luna

Graphic Design, Photography + Illustration

​Mary Luna is a passionate graphic designer with expertise in the field of publishing. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a dedication to storytelling, Mary firmly believes that every design should be driven by a compelling narrative and thoughtful intention. Her creative journey began in college, where she embraced the mantra "Think more, design less," a philosophy that continues to shape her work today.

With a diverse skill set encompassing graphic design, photography, and illustration, Mary has worked with a range of clients, from small businesses seeking fresh branding to esteemed authors in search of captivating book covers. Her designs serve as a solid foundation for decision-making, ensuring that every visual element effectively communicates the intended message.

Beyond her design work, Mary finds inspiration in various artistic pursuits. She enjoys immersing herself in literature, sketching ideas, and expressing herself through writing. When she's not hard at work, you might find her leisurely riding her scooter, playing with her beloved dog, Bruno, experimenting with her iPad, or exploring captivating content on Reddit.

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